Cain & Abel on Windows 10 : Workaround

August 10, 2016

If you ever tried to have the famous Cain & Abel running on Windows 10, you may be unable to use it.

It will keep showing your network interface with as IP address. Meaning you can’t scan the subnet looking for other computers.

Googling that issue, you will find some tutorials about fixing it, by forcing DNS prefix on the adapter ( for example).

I think that this method don’t fix anything.

Anyhow, i came up with a workaround. Actually this issue is caused by WinPcap 4 not being compatible with Windows 10 (NDIS 5 VS NDIS 6). You may try to use alternative implementation of WinPcap like WinPcap 10 but for me, it didn’t worked.

I then removed the WinPcap version installed on my computer, and installed NPcap, selected during installation, the option to install it as WinPcap API compatible.

This solved the issue and Cain & Abel started working as expected.

You’are welcome :) !


  1. Blake says: 17/08/2016

    Can you link me the download? Whenever i went to the website i then clicked download and a sh*t ton of options popped up. How do i know which one i need?

  2. Neo says: 10/09/2016

    Thanks! that showed me the NIC I needed. However, No when I scan I resolve zero hosts. I can run the same test on another machine and find at least a modem. Any tips? Thanks again. Great work.

  3. Rhys says: 01/11/2016

    I’ve done that but when I click “start/stop sniff” it says “Unable to open winpcap driver: the system cannot find the device specified”

  4. Bruce says: 16/11/2016

    i tried to install Npcap but then mid way during installation, i get an error message: “failed to extract packet.dll” … help please?

  5. Thierry says: 06/12/2016

    Hi I have an error saying “packet.dll” missing ?

  6. 45wtwq35 says: 06/01/2017

    still showing network interface with as IP address.

  7. bem says: 07/01/2017

    how do u uninstall winpcap

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