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July 21, 2014

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There is something going on with chrome extensions : Many of them, in the last day, started injecting this Ad in random pages. Seems to be extensions developper, selling code to Superfish ad platform. I am not convinced with that version. Isn’t something most interesting going one ?

Some involved extensions : Change HTTP Request Header, Awesome New Tab Page, RSS Live Links, Lyrics for Google Chrome, xMail Notifier, Service Pages for Google Chrome, Video Download Helper, Scroll To Top Button, Defer, World Clock, …


  1. Some Guy says: 15/10/2014

    I suddenly noticed on Chrome a superfish popup overtop of a buy product button on a website i was visiting. I looked at my 3 extensions and they seemed harmless. Thanks to your post, I realized it buste be Change HTTP Request Header 1.1.2 that is the culprit. Disabling and refreshing my page loses the popup. Re-enabling and refreshing brings back the pop-up (eventually). Thanks for posting this. Please follow up if you get to the bottom of this. It appears that “Change HTTP Request Header” is not longer on Chrome app store so maybe they got busted.

  2. Rafael Sist says: 18/12/2014

    Hi, I just had the same issue with “Change HTTP Request Header”. I am now uninstalling it..
    I’m looking for an alternative to this extension (without adware), any suggestions?

    • Jonny H says: 21/03/2015

      Hi there, I have packed Change Header + tried re-adding, but faced problems with manifest errors. Not sure if it’s blocked (bad extension) or if it’s architecture-related (I packed from installed chrome on notebook with win7x86 and unpacked and tried to load in chrome x64 on win7x64 laptop…)

      Quick google app search found a DECENT-looking app I’m just to test – just because securityXploded whinges ‘Note: We no longer support Chrome browser. Kindly download using Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your suppport & understanding.’

      A: SMART HEADER – (ncgnmldbedmbadafajhjeahmafdmggbp)

      • Jonny H says: 21/03/2015

        PS quick test – works like a dream 😀

        (please report if any known malevolent functionality is discovered, like with Change HTTP Request Header )

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